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2017년 2월 20일
The most convenient calculator we tested with an incredibly beautiful graphics, and tables, as well as support for multiple languages. The only wish - to make a modal window for adaptive screens of smartphones. Many thanks to the author for his work!
2016년 9월 3일
Remove lender ads, or at least make it optional. There are better ideas to monetize your plugin. Functionality and display have been fantastic. Happy to update rating if removed. I've used the plugin for 5 years and recommended it to hundreds of clients. They're now very upset with me...
2016년 9월 3일
I have used this calculator on many sites. It was perfect until a recent update - now it includes ads for other lender rates in the payment calculation results. This is real bad for mortgage companies that use this calculator. Is there a way to remove this, or can we get a paid version with NO AD'S ? I would be happy to change my review if we can just get this calculator back to the way it used to be!!
2017년 2월 8일
This is my requirements, kindly fix this using your plugin. If you fix my requirements how much cost for you?
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