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Neutro is free and easy to integrate into e-commerce system. Payments cost just 1%, which goes directly to the planet.

Neutro uses the new Open Banking framework to allow you to recive payments directly from the consumers bank account.
So instead of funding the card companies like Visa and MasterCard, your money is going to the environment.

Neutro payments are currently only available in the UK.

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Please contact us with any questions at


Before you can use neutro you need to get an API key from
Note that at first the API will work with a test bank. You will need to be confirmed before you can use the live Neutro payment gateway.
All payments done before confirmation will be from a mock NatWest account (no matter which bank you choose).
For the mock NatWest bank account use ‘123456789012’.

Once installed and activated on WordPress you need to go into your WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments and click Manage next to Neutro.
Here you should pace your API key

To set Neutro as your default payment option you need to move the Neutro to the first position in the WooCommerce payment settings page.
You can do this on the right side of the payment gateways table with the arrow or by dragging the Three Line Icon.

Please contact us with any questions at


2020년 July 14일
While we at Neutro may be biased, we definitely like both the plugin and the payment gateway.
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