Revolutionize your customers’ shopping journey with recommendations tailored to their individual preferences.
Increase your sales with minimal effort, just like Amazon did!
This WooCommerce extension uses AI to generate smarter, personalized product recommendations based on anonymized sales history.

Key Features

  1. Individual product recommendations: Extend product recommendations from WooCommerce (related products) to include smarter, more personalized recommendations using AI.

  2. Post-purchase recommendations: Recommend similar products post-purchase and supercharge your customers’ shopping spree!

  3. Privacy Friendly: Our plugin respects your customers’ privacy and only uses anonymized data.

  4. Your own AI model: One AI model per key/token. Access by third parties to your model and your data is impossible.

  5. Customize your AI model: You can decide whether the product recommendations should be shopping cart-specific or customer-specific.


How to install and configure the recommendations plugin

You find a quick installation guide below, but we recommend to check out our more detailed configuration guide which you find here

Install the NextBestOffer OLS plugin from WordPress

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘NextBestOffer-OLS’
  3. Activate NextBestOffer-OLS from your Plugins page
  4. Go to settings (sidebar) and click on ‘NextBestOffer Plugin’.
  5. Click on the link ‘Buy Plugin’ or get a limited free version by entering your e-mail into the respective field(You can skip step 6).
  6. Select One of the different versions of our Plugin which fits your needs and purchase it in our store.
  7. After purchasing our Plugin or signing up for the free version, you get an e-mail with your personal access key.
  8. Enter the key and the usecaseID from the e-mail into the respective fields and press ‘save’.
  9. Now you can start the training of your own AI Model!

Manually install the NextBestOffer OLS plugin

  1. Download the plugin here
  2. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Continue as with automatic installation from point 3.


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Integration of the Testversion into the Plugin & minor Bugfixes


Usability Improvements


Minor Bugfixes


Visual Overhaul


Different Recommendation Modes


Enhanced privacy protection


Added Free Version


Bug Report Feature


Text Domain Correction


Release date: 2023-10-13