OnVoard is all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform for modern merchants. This plugin will provide access to all 6 OnVoard apps and will help you grow store revenue with minimal work.

List of free apps

  • AOV Progress Bar
  • Prompt ‑ Popups/Upsell

List of paid apps

  • Marketing Platform
  • Back In Stock
  • Reviews
  • Product Recommender

View demo store to see how the apps work.

To get started, register for an OnVoard account. You can try all features with 14-day free trial.

AOV Progress Bar

When it comes to increasing your store’s average order value (AOV), there’s no better tool to use than AOV Progress Bar. AOV Progress Bar is an interactive progress bar that changes whenever customers add or remove items from cart. This motivates customers to subconsciously add more items to their cart in order to qualify for discounts.

Prompt ‑ Popups/Upsell

Most pop-up vendors are obsolete. They think of pop-ups only as a medium to collect leads. OnVoard Prompt is a generational product that reinvents what you can think you could create with pop-ups. Using Prompt, you will get tons of opportunities to engage onsite visitors and optimize store revenue. Here are some kinds of Prompts you can create

  • Welcome new users with discount code for first purchase.
  • Recommend products when user add cart item.
  • Cross-sell products when user initiate checkout.
  • Stop cart abandonment when a user with cart items tries to exit. Offer them discount or free shipping.
  • Collect feedback.

Marketing Platform

Comes with a bulit-in email editor. Use marketing platform to automate email marketing with workflows to grow revenue while you are asleep. This app is deeply integrated with other OnVoard apps like reviews and product recommendations. By embedding metadata like product ratings and recommendations into emails, merchants convert better with emails delivered via OnVoard. With more 15 types of workflow playbooks, you can get started within minutes.

  • Checkout Abandonment
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Low Stock
  • Price Drop
  • Replenishment
  • Back In Stock
  • Welcome Series
  • Winback
  • Post Purchase
  • Review Request
  • Post Reviewed
  • Review Replied
  • Negative Review Notification
  • Birthday
  • Customer Anniversary
  • Monthly Product Recommendations
  • Unengaged Cleanup

Back In Stock

A merchant loses revenue every time customers view an out-of-stock item. These revenue can be recovered if you have a way to notify customers when out-of-stock items are replenished. OnVoard’s Back-In-Stock tool makes it easy for merchants to allow customers to subscribe for back in stock notifications and automatically notifies them when products are restocked.


Use reviews app to fully automate reviews collection process.

  • Send review request emails after customer purchase.
  • Follow up with reminder emails if the user didn’t leave a review.
  • Respond with a discount coupon if user leaves a review.
  • Notify reviewers when their review has been responded by admin.

Finally, showcase product reviews on your site to turn customer voice into marketing engine.

Product Recommender

Use product recommender app to boost average order value (AOV) with cross-sell recommendations like “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought”. Below are types of product recommendations that we provide.

  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Also Bought
  • Similar Items
  • Recently Viewed
  • Handpicked Items
  • Best Selling
  • Trending
  • Selling Fast
  • Selling Out Soon
  • New Arrivals
  • Discounted Items
  • Top Rated
  • Recently Sold
  • Recently Reviewed

14 day free-trial

OnVoard comes with a 14 day free-trial. For more details, see our pricing page.

Additional Resources


  • Email Editor from Marketing Platform
  • Back-In-Stock Widget
  • Reviews Widget
  • Pop-up Editor
  • Product Recommendations
  • AOV Progress Bar


Follow the below steps to install the plugin.

  1. Register for an OnVoard account. You can try all features with 14-day free trial.
  2. Install OnVoard plugin.
  3. From wordpress admin, go to OnVoard page and follow instructions from there.


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