Piggy for WooCommerce


What is Piggy?

Piggy is a digital loyalty software that lets you create your own branded loyalty program, collect data and deliver powerful marketing messages.

How will Piggy help grow your business?

With your own loyalty program, your customers collect points with every purchase, which they can then redeem for rewards. Automate your marketing and retention campaigns or send out personalized offers to stay top-of-mind. With increased customer retention you can reduce your ad spend, while also increasing average cart value – and Life Time Value (LTV) of your customers. Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with the loyalty solutions of Piggy.

Why Piggy?

Piggy provides you with a customizable all-in-one loyalty solution, including over 1000 features to create a lasting bond with your customers. Adjust every little detail to your business — from branding to the selection of rewards. The add-on smoothly integrates your webshop seamlessly with the Piggy loyalty system.

What can you do with Piggy?

  • Set your own rewards, their value and adjust them anytime
  • Automatically collect valuable customer data
  • Easily create professional, targeted emails and newsletters
  • Set up automated marketing and loyalty campaigns

What your customers will value

The extension enables you to connect your webshop to the Piggy loyalty system. With this link, the Piggy module will allow your customers to automatically collect loyalty points every time they make a purchase from your webshop. They can then use these points to redeem rewards.

How do I introduce a loyalty program to my customers?

Once the Piggy module is installed, you can ask your customers at the checkout whether they would like to collect points in your webshop. After the transaction, you can send the points to your customers via email and invite them to join your program. When they join, they receive their points. Alternatively, you can set an automatic collection of points for existing members. When customers collected enough points, they can redeem them for rewards.

Account & costs

  • A separate Piggy Account is required to use this extension
  • A Piggy Account can easily be set up by visiting www.piggy.eu
  • While setting up an account is free, different modules may incur costs. Find out more about the modules and pricing at www.piggy.eu/pricing
    If you have any further questions, please contact us at www.piggy.eu/contact


  • Increase Customer Loyalty. Set up your own customised loyalty program and reward customers with loyalty points for every online purchase. Let them redeem the points for rewards and maximise the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in no time.
  • Collect Customer Data. Automatically collect valuable data and build a customer database in the CRM tool.
  • Use Marketing Automation. Easily create targeted emails and newsletters with the drag-and-drop creator. Automate your marketing messages and build smart flows.


  • Rewards: Points, rewards & perks
  • Gamification: Tiers, levels & loyalty
  • CRM: Contacts, data & segementation
  • Automation: Journeys, events & workflows
  • Email marketing: One-off, triggered & templates
  • Campaigns: SMS, social & push notifications

Translations included

Nederlands (Dutch)
Deutsch (German)
English (US)



2021년 3월 8일
Goede plugin, makkelijk in gebruik en werkt top met de Piggy app.
2021년 2월 26일
Is een hele mooie omgeving geworden. Je kunt als consument de volledige stappen doorlopen om het sparen op de website zelf te kunnen ervaren. Hiernaast vind je ook de volledige uitleg van het installeren als een spaarprogramma op de webshop zelf, waardoor het net echt lijkt! Na het bekijken van deze plug-in ben ik gelijk enthousiast om deze ook op mijn eigen webshop te installeren!
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* Refresh shops button at setup step 3
* Create account link at setup step 1

* Minor bug fixes
* Added multiple languages for emails

* Connecting piggy account for different languages.

* Minor bug fixes

* Fix dependency bug

* Add restyling for admin panel

* Staged Credit Reception Checkbox settings.

* Minor bug fixes

* Fixed dependency conflict