Popconvert is a tool which seeks to inovate lead capture, generating high-performance results for increasing convertion rate and sales in your website.

Making use of gamification, an innovative strategy which creates engagement, the Popconvert pop-ups create a unique and fun experience to your website visitors. By optimizing the user experience, you capture more leads.

With interactive pop-ups, you eliminate the waste of traffic and optimize the results of your email marketing campaigns.

Guarantee that the generated leads are more integrated with your brand, and keep up with your potential client throughout the sales funnel, increasing the chances of turning your leads into loyal clients.

Our solutions for your website

  • Create a fresh and qualified leads base;
  • Increase your website’s convertion rate and eliminate the waste of traffic;
  • Better results in email marketing, increasing the reputation of your domain and IP address = bigger delivery and opening rate;
  • Increase sales conversion.

How does Popconvert work?

With an intuitive dashboard, just install the app in your website and set up your first campaign. Get to know our features.

  • Widgets and games: Choose one of our games to create your pop-up;
  • Customization: It’s 100% customizable. Create a customized layout, with your website’s style;
  • Advanced segmentation: Segment your campaigns to choose the right time to show your widgets to the right clients;
  • Behavioral triggers: Choose your type of behavioral trigger and the time at which the pop-up will appear to your visitors;
  • A/B testes: Run A/B tests to achieve better results;
  • ​Integrations: Integrate your leads directly with your favorite tools.

Click here and learn how to install Popconvert in Nuvemshop and access our Quick Guide to create your first campaign.

Free trial
Start our free trial for 7 days, or until 100 conversions.

Capture more leads with the most effective conversion stragety in the market.

How does the plugin work?

The plugin adds Popconvert’s script to your website to install the app. After the installation, it’s necessary to create an account on Popconvert here to use the tool.

The uninstallation of the plugin will remove the script.

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