Popup Box – new WordPress popup plugin


Awesome WordPress popups with live preview

Popup Box – WordPress plugin for easily create popups with live preview. Create your own amazing pop-ups using many style options and display options.
The ability to insert shortcodes to the popup content allows you to use many plugins to create forms (for example Contact Form 7) and something else.

Options for location on the screen and functions for open allow you to create popup for a different purposes.

Quick Start video

How to use and create a new popup with Popup Box plugin for WordPress.

Popup Box features

  • Create unlimited popups;
  • Live preview;
  • Many custom style options;
  • Triggers for opening: Auto open with delay, open via click, Open when page scrolls;
  • Support inserting the shortcodes into content;
  • Display a pop-up window only on special pages;
  • Enable test mode;
  • Possibility to show the pop-up window only once for the user;
  • Without jQuery: the plugin use only JavaScript;
  • Without Cookie: the plugin does not use cookies and complies GDPR.

Demo PRO version

Use with other plugins to maximize your results


Search for answers and ask your questions at support center


  • Frontend
  • Popup content
  • Popup Style
  • Settings
  • Display Rules


  • Installation option 1: Find and install this plugin in the Plugins -> Add new section of your wp-admin
  • Installation option 2: Download the zip file, then upload the plugin via the wp-admin in the Plugins -> Add new section. Or unzip the archive and upload the folder to the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/ via ftp
  • Press Activate when you have installed the plugin via dashboard or press Activate in the in the Plugins list
  • Go to Popup Box section that will appear in your main menu on the left
  • Click Add new to create your first menu
  • Setup your popup
  • Click Save


2023년 12월 1일 1 reply
i tried some popular ones and guess what - they fail to work in my peculiar website, not to mention some of them are downright horrible in design and function (like - start by registering in our spammy page OR just freezes the whole thing for a few seconds and baaaam a ton of tasteless presets and options of no use).and this one's just perfect, does what advertised in a most tidy way imaginable. bravo!!!
2021년 12월 14일 1 reply
it is easy to use. I needed a popup which opens when clicking a text link. The paid version is perfect for my needs for a really fair price.
2021년 6월 7일
Easy to use, takes only a few minutes to setup a popup. Free version is enough for a small job. I use it to promote some items in my shop.
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  • Fixed: minor bug with the function for creating database


  • Fixed: dynamic property for PHP 8.2


  • Fixed: In test mode, the popup is shown on all sites regardless of the chosen option for “Display Rules.”


  • Fixed: minor bug with current_screen


  • Fixed: minor bug in page-list


  • Fixed: security update


  • Fixed: minor bugs
  • Fixed: security issues
  • Updated: Support page


  • Fixed: update the database


  • Fixed: function ‘Activate/Deactivate’ the popup


  • Added: function ‘Import/Export’
  • Changed: Support page


  • Added: new units for location
  • Changed: removed dependency on jQuery.


  • Fixed: class for a close popup


  • Fixed: Place close button outer


  • Fixed: function for showing popup on specific pages


  • Added: “document ready” to script


  • Fixed: fix work with page builder plugins


  • Initial release