Post List With Featured Image


This plugin is use to Show new Column with Featured Image at Post list to admin side on “Edit.php” Page.

For Support:


Upgrade “Post List With Featured Image” is easy, just replace all plugin file in plugin directory with new version. No need to re-configure any other options in “Post List With Featured Image” tab.
or You can goto update plugin list and update your plugin.


  • On activate "Post List With Featured Image" plugin we can see image like this.
  • Setting from Admin panel.


  1. Download From
  2. Unpack file package using your favorite zip software.
  3. extract .zip file to your wordpress plugin directory on your server.
  4. Login to wordpress admin and go to plugin tab and activate “Post List With Featured Image” Plugin.
  5. On Activate “Post List With Featured Image” pluginwill reflact effect directly to the post list.


Q1. How can I add this plugin?

Ans. Download Plugin file. Unpack file package using your favorite zip software to the plugin Directory, than activate it.

Q2. How can I show Featured image at post list?

Ans. for this you just need to activate “Post List With Featured Image” plugin.


2020년 7월 6일
I was looking at how many posts left for inserting the featured images because I changed the theme. Using this plugin it became very easy. Great Plugin. Appreciate to develop, you did a great job.
2020년 1월 4일
This is an awesome plugin. Working as expected. I want this for a long time. Now I can see post image without edit or open post. Very easy to use.
2019년 12월 31일
Just displays Featured images on the posts pages, this helps us at a glance to check for missing images from posts which are fed through RSS. A complete thumbs up to it.
2018년 5월 22일
This is a very helpful little plugin. Works exactly as it should. It's proving very helpful in our rebranding, where we're redoing our featured images on most posts to reflect our updated color scheme and such.
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  • show featured image at post list


  • User can change height
  • User can change width
  • Customization in size of image from admin panel


  • make it more Secure
  • root access secure


  • index file issue solved


  • Compatiblity update


  • Compatiblity Check and update for WordPress 6.3
  • Added Custom Post Types Compatiblity