Preserve Taxonomy Hierarchy


This plugin disables Pagination in navigation menu lists and preserves taxonomy hierarchy.
Also, it helps you when you using WooCommerce and you have more than 50 category items.
It can preserve WooCommerce category hierarchy.


  • Disable Pagination in the nav menu and add item lists
  • Preserve hierarchy in category nav menu add item list and posts category selector
  • Automatically scroll to the first checked item in the post category selector
  • Preserve WooCommerce category hierarchy


  1. Upload the Preserve Taxonomy Hierarchy directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your WordPress installation
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You are done!

If you want to having pagination again you can disable the plugin.


Is there an admin interface for this plugin?

No. This plugin is as simple as pagination is disabled (plugin activated) or pagination is enabled (plugin is deactivated).

How do I know if the plugin is working?

It’s easy first you can check it in post editor page select one or two category’s then save the post if checked categories isn’t in the top the plugin is working.
Second you should have more than 50 category , pages or posts so you can check pagination in add item nav menu editor screen if plugin works you should not have any pagination.


2023년 7월 5일
My client has a complex online store and has over 100 product categories, sub-categories, etc. As long as I had 50 or less, the hierarchy of the cats/sub-cats displayed just fine when I’d create a menu from the Product Categories option; more than 50 and the menu tree would break and show all of those cats/sub-cats as individual, un-nested items. This plugin fixes that issue. Can’t thank the developer enough!
2023년 3월 10일
I cant believe WordPress has this bug for so many years! Thank god for this plugin or i would have to spend hours fixing my menus.
2022년 6월 6일
Depois de testar diversos plugins sem sucesso, consegui resolver meu problema com o seu!!! Muito obrigado!!!
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  • Initial release


  • Refine the code
  • Test with wordpress 6.0