Presserly Random Timed Quiz allows you to create unlimited tests, quizzes and exams which you can customize and embed on any page using shortcodes provided.

The plugin comes with over a dozen options to allow you to customize your quizzes:

* Set a time limit and use a countdown clock to track time remaining
* Create unlimited questions and assign them to question categories
* Design tests with set numbers of questions chosen from specific categories
* Questions are selected randomly
* Each question can have up to 10 multiple choice answers
* Answer option order can be randomized
* Choose if users must be logged in to take a test
* Choose if each user can only take the test once
* Tests are saved when all questions have been answered, time runs out or if the user closes the browser window
* Style the countdown clock and set it to turn red as a warning time is running out
* Choose if test results should be shown when the quiz is complete
* Choose if users should see a message or be redirected when the quiz is complete or time runs out
* Choose who should be emailed to say a quiz has been taken
* Tests are marked automatically in wp-admin
* Download a CSV of all tests taken

More more information visit the presserly random timed quiz page
For a live demo of a quiz visit the presserly random timed quiz demo page


  1. Upload ‘presserly_random_timed_quiz’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Quiz Questions in the wp-admin dashboard menu or go to Quiz / Get started in the wp-admin dashboard for detailed instructions.


2019년 August 9일
Before I install this plugin at first sight, I knew it will do exactly what it promised. I love it and pls we look up for more updates soon.
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  • Updated to allow for Gutenberg editor shortcode issue