PS PHPCaptcha WP


If you are keen to provide your users kind of a tracking free environment, you would have to remove
Google Recaptcha and other cloud based Captcha solutions from your WordPress installation.

PS PHPCaptcha WP does not use any remote resources. This makes it fully GDPR compliant without any need to mention it
in your privacy policy.

To generate the image this plugin does not need to use the WordPress database and therefore IO of the database is very low.
This very important if you run a site with high traffic.

System requirements:
* WordPress up and running
* PHP5 or PHP7 installed
* PHP-GD installed and activated
* uses PHP sessions

For setup of the Plugin just follow these 3 easy steps.


  • This plugin will create a captcha displaying a text, with the try to confuse OCR by drawing some random lines.
  • It integrates in the comment form below each Wordpress post
  • If the commenting user fails to solve it, an error message appears
  • The behavior of the image can be set in the settings area of Wordpress


  1. Upload psphpcaptchawp-directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin using the provided settings page


I followed your instructions, but do not see the Captcha image in the comment form

Probably you are logged into your wordpress installation having admin rights. In this case, the Captcha does not show.
Of course, commenting works without solving the Captcha in this case.


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  • better sanitizing of input values – reported by at 2019-01-19


  • added multisite support
  • asset files had wrong mimetype


  • initial version
  • Languages: en, de