Quick 301 Redirects for WordPress


The fastest and easiest way to do 301 redirects. You can set each redirect individually or bulk upload unlimited number of 301 redirects using a CSV file.

You can use Quick 301 Redirects for small website with just a few pages and also for sites with thousands of pages. Use Quick 301 Redirects to set up your 301 redirects in seconds, you can redirect internally to your domain or to any other domain.

Set 301 Redirects Manually Or In Bulk

Manage all your website’s 301 redirects without any professional knowledge. All you need is to install our plugin, and the leave the rest to our super simple UI (RTL supported).

Our super simple UI will enable you to set your redirects manually one-by-one or using a CSV file for bulk upload.

New! After saving your 301 301 redirects you’ll see a link button near each redirect that’ll allow you to test each and every 301 redirect.

New! You can now export your 301 redirects into a CSV file.


  • Quick 301 Redirects, the easiest way to configure 301 redirects
  • You can set your 301 redirects in bulk
  • Or you can set your 301 redirects manually


  1. Install and activate Quick 301 Redirects plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Set your 301 redirects manually or upload a CSV file for bulk configuration and click on the “SAVE CHANGES” button
  3. You’re good to go! All your 301 redirects are now live 🙂


What can I do with this plugin

You can set 301 redirects manually or upload a CSV file for bulk configuration

Is it free?

Yep, Quick 301 Redirects is completely free

Are there any restriction?

No, you can configure as many 301 redirects as you want

The redirects don’t work, what should I do?

You’re probably using a cache plugin, please purge your cache or disable your plugin for a few minutes.

Where do I find Quick 301 Redirects in my WP admin?

Click on “Setting” in your WP admin menu, and there in a sub-menu you’ll find “Quick 301 Redirects”

Can I import 301 redirects?

Yes, create a CSV file and use the import CSV feature to create your 301 redirects in bulk

Can I export my 301 redirects?

Yes, you can easily export your 301 redirects by clicking on the export button


2024년 4월 4일
Perfect. No hassle, no strings attached, and works even redirecting things that cPanel’s Redirect refused to.
2023년 8월 31일
As simple as it gets. It took me a while to understand the import feature which is what I needed because there was no template to download. But after I figured it out, only needs 2 columns with a header, the header didn’t matter (I used from, to) and it worked
2021년 11월 11일
I use this plugin for our company website. I encountered a small problem and immediatly Premio was on top of the issue. Professional plugin, I definitively recommend it.
2021년 1월 13일
Great UI and incredibly easy to use!
2021년 1월 8일 답글 1개
Somehow saved the redirects after deleting one and then the whole list was empty, don’t know if they’re gone or saved
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WordPress 6.5 compatibility


Removed jQuery.live function dependency


You can now also export your 301 redirects to CSV and check each redirect by clicking on the link button near each redirect


  • Redirect issue fixed


  • another fix for the specific URLs issue


  • specific URLs bug fix


  • added RTL menu support


  • Launch