Room 34 presents On This Day


Room 34 presents On This Day is a simple widget that displays a list of blog posts that were published on the same date in previous years. Customization options include:

  • Title
  • Message to display if no posts are found
  • Maximum posts to display
  • Show featured images (if available)
  • Category filtering
  • Optional On This Day archive page (new in version 2.0)

Important: While not technically required, the new On This Day archive page assumes your theme includes an archive.php file that uses the the_archive_title() function to display the page title.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Place the widget in one of your sidebars and customize as desired.

Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or greater due to the use of anonymous functions.


Why isn’t the archive page displaying the correct (or any) title?

If there’s an incorrect title, or no title, at the top of your page (before the title of the first post), check your theme. It should have an archive.php file, and that file must use the the_archive_title() function to display the page title.


2020년 May 10일
I'm not real big on leaving reviews in general but I'm leaving one here. If adding more reviews helps bring attention to this plugin and makes it more popular, so be it! I have blog entries and stuff I imported from previous platforms going back to 1996. I have been looking for a way to highlight some of this old content based on date, similar to how does it in their "This Day on Slashdot" widget. The only thing is I couldn't find anything that would do it. There were plugins that would do "this day in history" and other criteria. But I couldn't find a plugin that would do it based on content entered in WordPress. The plugin its self is *very* easy to use. Install, activate, and add it as a widget wherever you want it. Done. There are some settings you can tweak regarding how many entries to show, what categories, etc. I had the whole thing up and running in five minutes.
2020년 January 14일
I'm an outdoor writer and one day I realized: "I've got 15 years of content here!" I wanted a way to showcase that. This plug-in was just what I needed. My posts are all seasonal and deer and turkey hunting really don't change from year to year, so my readers have not only what I've recently written, but also years and years of stuff that I've written on the subject. Many thanks!
2016년 September 3일
This is just a nice little plugin to show posts on the current day in previous years. I've been using it for a while now, and it works great.
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  • Removed “See all…” links when a date has no posts.
  • Removed “On This Post’s Date” when on archive pages.
  • Fixed logic for “See all…” pages to work with a specific (not today’s) date.


  • Added option to hide widget entirely when list is empty by leaving “Message to display if no posts are found” blank.
  • Modified logic for hiding redundant lists so that if two lists on the same page are both empty and “Message to display if no posts are found” is set, then they’ll still appear.


  • Added logic to prevent duplicate list of posts from appearing multiple times on one page. This allows creation of two widgets, one for showing today’s posts, and one for “Use post date” posts, for example.


  • Added “Use post date” option to widget. If set, when viewing an individual post, the widget will show posts from the same date as the current post, not today’s date. On main blog or archive pages, widget will still show posts from today’s date.


  • Added month/day filtering of Posts in admin to show all posts published on in given month/date.


  • Fixed handling of a global array variable to resolve fatal errors with WP-CLI.


  • Simplified date_query.


  • Added On This Day Archive page.
  • Refactored to use date_query instead of retrieving and then omitting posts from the current year.


  • Made featured images clickable links to posts.
  • Tested in WP 4.7.1.

  • Updated “Tested up to” to 4.7.


  • Fix for implode() warning when no categories were selected.


  • Updated plugin repository description text.


  • Added ability to filter list by category.
  • Added ability to set maximum number of posts to display.


  • Added option to display featured image with each post.
  • General refactoring and code clean-up.


  • Updated main function to use parent::__construct() for compatibility with WordPress 4.3.


  • Updated link structure to use standard permalinks instead of custom-built URL format.


  • Updated “Tested up to” tag.


  • Added CSS class to ul tag and changed tag and class attribute for each li item.


  • Original version.