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Ryviu is a product review app that helps you generate eCommerce social proof, increase trust & sales. It can help you import all the reviews of products on Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, DHgate or Walmart.com to your store in just a few steps. You can easy to customize reviews with Ryviu and show them in your store.

Our plugin allows showing reviews from Ryviu to your Woocommerce.

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IMPORT/EXPORT REVIEWS: You can import reviews from mutil source to Ryviu.

  • Easy import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, DHgate or Walmart.com
  • Import reviews from multi-source to Ryviu by CSV file
  • Export reviews from Ryviu to CSV

MANAGER REVIEWS: You can easily manage reviews with Ryviu Dashboard

  • Reviews page: Display, analyze and statistic information of all your reviews
  • Products page: Display the list of products on your site, you can add, edit, remove the reviews in here
  • Question page: Display and manage all your questions and answers
  • Media page: Display and manage all your media file
  • Settings page: Settings your account, reviews theme on your store and upgrade your account to premium

DISPLAY REVIEWS TO YOUR SITE: Customization to match review display with your store theme, from widget colors and have all the functions of app reviews

  • Shortcodes are available for inserting reviews and review form on any page or widget
  • Showing images reviews of customer
  • Allow customer add reviews
  • Reply to reviews to engage with all your customers
  • Shows aggregate reviews microformat
  • Feature reviews page: Show more reviews from multi-product on a page
  • Question and Answer: Allow users to ask questions directly on the product page


  • You should register an account on Ryviu
  • Ryviu Demo
  • We support to install Ryviu in all web Platform.



  1. You should register an account on Ryviu
  2. Go to Ryviu settings page and connect your store with Ryviu
  3. Go to the plugin page in your WordPress admin account and install Ryviu Plugin


2023년 1월 20일 2 replies
When importing reviews from Aliexpress the stars do not appear below the title and nowhere else, not even with the shortcode. How to solve it?
2022년 9월 24일 6 replies
too bad to work with Woocomerce. It takes a long time for the customer to do a review, more than 1 minute to finish the review. Bad support, says it's a problem with wordpress. I did the test in 2 stores and
2022년 3월 3일 1 reply
I've been using the plugin for 4 years and I'm always surprised by changes that aren't communicated to me. But now I've noticed that it's been a month that I haven't received reviews from customers and when I go to see what's going on they just removed support for mobile reviews. Forcing me to pay for a premium plan. I already paid for this premium plan in the past, but nothing has changed. For that reason I canceled the premium because the free one has always served me well. But now it's about removing support from the free account for mobile and without warning. I will remove it from my projects.
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  • Fix connect Ryviu bugs


  • Fix bugs
  • Integration with Rank Math plugin


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix Meta function


  • Fix Google Search bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix Google snippet


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs
  • Add some funtions


  • Fix bugs

3.0.(6,7,8, 9)

  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Ryviu App is running in new platfrom, work in new app domain (https://app.ryviu.io).
  • Outstanding speed.
  • New Ryviu App UI

2.4.1 / 2.4.2

  • Fix issue with settings from ryviu.com.


  • Fix bug and improved code.
  • Update function, optimal speed ryviu


  • Add new option fix the site using Cloudfare server and Data Rocket scripts
  • Fix bug and improved code.


  • Add real-time notice
  • Fix bug


  • Fix bug and add new feature
  • Suport Google server for user Unlimited


  • Add feature export json data, This will support the best showing in Ryviu app
  • Fix bug
  • Improve the user experience.


Removed add to cart by Ajax. Because it no longer to need.


Fix bug and add some feature


Fix bug add to cart in woocommerce


Fix bug


Big updated
– Reviews client rewrite by angular

Updated Date – 2 June, 2017


Release Date – 30 March, 2017