SafeGuard Media


This plugin adds an iFrame to copy protect and watermark Images, MP4 video, PDF and Word documents on WordPress pages.

Unlike other plugins that can do no more than hamper the use of right-click, this solution is the real deal… it uses the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) to prevent screenshots, screen capture and screen recording. ASPS normally requires a dedicated server, but by using this plugin, any WordPress site can utilise real content protection, even from a shared hosting server.

  • Easy install (requires WordPress Classic Editor).
  • Copy protect images, video and PDF displayed on your web pages.
  • Copy protect GIF, JPG, PNG, MP4, PDF and Word documents.
  • Prevent sreenshots, screen capture and screen recording.
  • HTML is encrypted from server to secure browser.
  • View source for media locations is not possible.
  • Locating media via packet sniffers is not possible.
  • Word documents are converted to PDF on the server.
  • Embeds objects dynamically using JavaScript.
  • Settings can control user access per platform.
  • Most secure protection from ALL avenues of copy and save.
  • Watermark options for position, size, colour and transparency.
  • Media can be hosted on your site or a third party file service.
  • Can be viewed on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android phones.

Note: This plugin connects to a third party service for copy protection provided by SafeGuard Media. To view copy protected pages, users will be required to use a secure web browser known as ArtisBrowser

For more information visit the SafeGuard Media website.


  • This plugin is free to use for 14-days after which a SafeGuard Media account is required.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get started.

  1. Install WordPress Classic Editor plugin.
  2. Upload the “safeguard-media” folder and its contents to “/wp-content/plugins/”.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Check and modify the default settings to suit your pages.
  5. You can add media by using the [S-Media] button on the editor toolbar.
  6. For more help see the User-Guide

If you have problems installing, email us from the website for a faster response than the WP forum.


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  • Updated minimum version for each OS.


  • Fixed Mac and iOS bug in iFrames.


  • Revised to comply with WordPress requirements.


  • First release.