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2020년 3월 5일
Bullshit! It is not completely free!!! FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Is that really free? And if yes, how are you making money then? Yes, this is really free. We make profit because some big customers ask us customised versions of our booking tool and additional software development or module." They say you can use Paypal as a payment gateway, but it costs money. You can only have 50 emails sent to clients per month before having to pay. The SMS feature is expensive at almost $0.20 per pop!!! They say you can customize it to your WordPress site, but that costs money too!!! Can you imagine having to pay to be able to access customizing the frontend COLORS??? This is fraud!
2019년 4월 8일
Very disappointing. At first the plugin appears to be free, but then when I needed to rewrite the email (just to rewrite it, the "default" e-mail the customers receive is this : Dear Jérôme, Your bookings for following items are confirmed: Bien-Être - Albi: Event: Consultations 08 avr. 2019 13:30 - 08 avr. 2019 15:00 : 1 reservation(s) : (cancel) Get your own booking system for free : Sagenda You can judge by yourself it just ugly, certainly on purpose, to make want to pay about $10 a month. The infomation to pay for this module is hidden until you actually want to change the text. It would have been acceptable to make us pay if we need to send over the 100/month limit, which would have meant the business is already working great, but actually it is asked at the very beginning. So the one star rating is for all the time lost on this plugin and the dishonnest strategy. We would have paid gladly for sending more than 100 e-mails a month, we would have paid too to be able to customize the email adresses and advanced theme e-mails, but just to rewrite the text when we just start working with this app, certainly not. So if you look for a free app, this isn't really one, unless you accept to send to your customers a very bad looking e-mail, barely understandle by someone not into the plugin configuration. Best regards.
2018년 7월 7일
Love Sagenda! free service, and with wp plugin for the calendar view that works flawlessly. Amazing! also real support that answer your question not only by copy pasting templates can't wait for further developments!
2018년 5월 17일
Awesome plugin, great support as well. There was a minor blip, sorted straight away. This and the original Sagenda plugin are both top draw!
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