Screen Reader Accessibility


Make your site ACCESSIBLE NOW with a text to speech plugin! Install this plugin and meet WCAG requirements in a few clicks! A MUST for every accessible site!
It will add accessibility features to your website such as a text to speech engine to be compliant with WCAG specifications. Accessibility is mostly important for every modern website.
Get it now at:
The free version is limited to read only 100 characters and has only few features. The full version includes up to 3 high contrast rendering, the Dyslexic Font transformation and accessibility improvements such as read mode, reading guides, enlarged cursor, custom text and background colors, focused elements outline, links target fix and much more.
It can be a precious tool even to be used as a reader for your page text working as a text to speech. The audio reader is able to read text in a lot of languages, more than 50 languages are supported!
You can take your eyes off and listen to the text thanks to this reader.
Check the PRO version including all features at:
Get the PRO version including all features at


Upload the ScreenReader plugin to your blog, activate it, and you’ll see a bottom fixed bar on the frontend site
You can configure details settings for your plugin in admin area, see manual for more informations.
NOTICE: if you are upgrading from the free version to the full paid version ensure to uninstall completely the free plugin before installing the paid one.

The full paid version of the plugin must be installed using: ‘Plugins’->’Add New’->’Upload plugin’->Choose file and click ‘Install now’


2023년 8월 8일
I've installed the PRO version and honestly it's the best and cheapest plugin to add accessibility to the site that i've found
2023년 7월 24일
Well thought out plugin, comprehensive and functional. Easy to use and works great, adding perfect accessibility functionality to my various clients projects.
2023년 2월 28일
I recommend buying the PRO version right away, more options. Support of this plugin for gold. I could not set the high contrast well on all browsers then I wrote and within 20 min I had an answer to my question. I would only work on the appearance in the admin panel, but this is looking for some downside by force.
2023년 2월 7일
Great way to add accessibility features to your site. John the developer is quick to get back to you if you need any help as well. Thanks!
2022년 5월 19일
John helped me very well to implement the plugin! Great support and great plugin.
2022년 2월 19일
Erstaunliches plugin, schöne vorlage und außergewöhnliche funktionen für die Zugänglichkeit. Außerdem haben sie mir auf der seite geholfen, die beste konfiguration zu finden. Endgültige Lösung zum hinzufügen von zugänglichkeit zu Wordpress
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