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order delivery date for woocommerce When we checkout Process at that time when customer need to identify when delivery excpect customer for that use we need to know Delivery Date in woocommerce.

Select Delivery Dates Woocommerce plugin provide powerful feature to setup woocommerce checkout page in Delivery Date selection option.

Woocommerce Select Delivery Date you can be select date on checkout page with various option make best experience for you. Exapample if you want to woocommerce pickup date on checkout you can be make.

How it works Select Delivery Dates Woocommerce

Plugin Features

  • Customize Date Format Using Date Format settings
  • Add Custom Message besides the estimated delivery date ( Default Message also Available )
  • Set Starting and ending delivery date e.g 22/07/2019 to 31/07/2019 (custom can selected delivery date between those two date only) and also you can set Workday like Sunday, Monday etc.. it means delivery available only Monday and Sunday.
  • If you not selected starting , ending date and workday so it show all day enable from current date to all days
  • Delivery Date show on Customer Order Page, Dashboard Order Edit page and in mail.

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2021년 2월 27일
Thank you! I was looking for a simple "Delivery Date" plugin but could only find bloated and/or limited ones, usually useless unless you buy the premium version (often way too expensive for intended usage). I found your plugin by chance and gave it a try. Lucky me: it does its job well, simply, with no fuss and (so far) no bugs. Hope you keep on improving it!
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