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Automatically share WordPress posts on Pixelfed.

You choose which Post Types are shared—though sharing can still be disabled on a per-post basis. Posts without a Featured Image will not be shared. (The plugin currently doesn’t look for other images inside the post, that is.)

Supports a number of filter hooks for developers, and is fully compatible with WordPress’s new block editor.

More details can be found on this plugin’s GitHub page.


Alternatively, upload this plugin’s ZIP file via the “Upload Plugin” button.

After activation, head over to Settings > Share on Pixelfed to authorize WordPress to post to your Pixelfed account.

More detailed instructions can be found on this plugin’s GitHub page.


2023년 2월 5일
I just wanted to post that it still works just fine and as far as I can tell, doesn’t cause any errors that I can see. My host is very sensitive, and a lot of my older plugins had to go, but this one still works. If a post has a featured image, the image and a link back to the post show up on my Pixelfed profile. I’m very happy with this.
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Add status template, update custom statuses, and improve Gutenberg behavior. Deprecate share_on_pixelfed_image_path filter in favor of share_on_pixelfed_media.


Improved alt handling.


Add a whole bunch of options.


Add filter to make sharing opt-in.


Add “first image” (rather than Featured Image) option.


More robust instance URL handling. Reset client details after instance switch.


Allow Post_Handler hook callbacks to be removed.


Initial release.