Simple Org Chart


This plugin allows you to seamlessly setup a hierarchical based organisation chart, otherwise known as an Org Chart, for use in your website. We have integrated drag and drop features to ensure the process is intuitive and fast.

The Chart is able to display a Gravatar image and user’s display name. In the future we are aiming to add a template system which will allow more information to be displayed.

Now chart JSON can be accessed using endpoint.

Endpoint for JSON. {}/wp-json/org_chart/json

JSON format can be updated using “parseJSON” function in index.php . Its a pluggable function.

WP Org Chart Pro is released.

* Responsive
* Buddypress Support
* Multiple Charts
* JSON Access
* Custom Departments
* Simple user management
* Template system for custom design
* Hooks and Filters for custom fields
* Print Chart
* Replace Top Level user without reset chart


@wesnolte :


  • OutPut
  • Popup
  • User edit area
  • Builder Area


  1. Upload file: “plugin-name.php” to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. 워드프레스의 ‘플러그인’ 메뉴에서 플러그인을 활성화하세요.
  3. Settings -> Org Chart. Select Top Level user and press reset.
  4. Drag and Drop the users to arrange your chart as required. Press ‘Save Changes’ when you are ready.
  5. For New users there is drop down at bottom of chart page when they can be easily added.
  6. Use shortcode: [orgchart], in any page or post to display your chart.

That’s it!

If you are facing any issues, just post a message via the support tab and we will be glad to assist you.


My CSS is not appearing correctly, and the borders are showing around my chart?

You will need to edit the theme’s CSS to ensure it is fully compatible.
Alternatively, please send a message to us via the support tab.


2021년 1월 22일
El plugin permite visualizar muy bien una organización, sin embargo creo que vale más la pena obtener la versión PRO pues las funcionalidades se multiplican.
2020년 12월 13일
This plugin does not work on the latest wordpress version (5.6). No menu is visible on the left side for simple org chart. Only the menu in "settings" is visible, but this one does not contain any functionality. (this review is for the free version of Simple Org Chart)
2020년 11월 30일
Support was super helpful with getting around our tricky site set up and ensuring the plugin worked smoothly for us moving forward. Despite the (numerous) obstacles on our end, Gangesh was super patient and helpful. Five stars, would definitely recommend 🙂
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  • Fixed Undefined Index warning.


  • Fixed PHP warnings.


  • Added WP 5.5 compatibility fix.


  • Removed option for Team member. All users show in list from installation.
  • Upgraded Select2 version.


  • Modified Delete Node position on Chart builder screen for better access.
  • Fixed overlay issue on popup.


  • Compatibility fix with builders like Beaver, Elementor.


  • Added support for Selct2 for user dropdown. It will help searching long user lists.

  • Fix: UI enhancement for better placement of elements.

  • Fix: Removed extra JS code.


  • Updated user interface slightly, better placement of elements.


  • Fix: New users will show in drop-down and can be added to chart without resetting.


  • Added Endpoint for JSON. {}/wp-json/org_chart/json
  • Fixed editing user. Now after removing user removed user shows in list below, without reload.
  • Fix: when removing a user, all children are assigned to parent of removed user


Added user node delete option


  • Data is now saved as JSON, instead of complete HTML. This results, any user’s data that is recently updated, will not require to reset form.
  • Any New user added as team member will be list at the bottom of chart page and can be easily added to chart.
  • Minor CSS fixes.


  • Added pop-up to display bio description of team member


  • Added Job title, Team support
  • Design updates


  • Added user image support