Spot-Hit – Send mail, sms (Compatible with woocommerce)


The plugin Spot-Hit for WordPress allows you to send SMS and Emails from the WordPress admin and take advantage of our services. This plugin is easy to use so that it can be installed without any specific technical skills.

To use our plugin on WordPress, it’s necessary to create an account on Spot-Hit and buy credits.
Then, you can get your API key to finish the technical configuration and send your messages.

Details of the available features :

Send SMS or Email campaigns and directly import your contacts:
– From the WordPress site by selecting group of contacts from your site's users
– From the Spot-Hit platform by selecting a group of contacts
– From a contact list by manually inserting a list of phone numbers or email addresses

Schedule automatic campaigns with WooCommerce :

Keep your customers informed via SMS or Emails and improve your customer service by sending them automated SMS messages such as order and delivery updates.
Monitor your store in real time, even when you're away from your PC, and be aware of new orders, refunds, shipping and delivery status, new customer sign-ups and more…

Details of the available features :

  • Cancelled payment
  • New customer
  • Payment completed
  • Pending order
  • Order cancelled
  • Order refunded

Download the plugin here.

How to use

Login page

Enter here your API key that you can find on your Spot-Hit account and submit it.
If you doesn’t have an account yet, please come here !

Dashboard page

You can find on this page :
– Your available credits
– Your latest campaigns sent
– Your account settings
– Links to launch a new campaign

SMS Campaigner

Enter your sender name
Select your recipients from your wordpress customers list, spot-hit contacts or a manual list of telephone numbers.
Write your message.
Select a send date and send your campaign.

EMAIL Campaigner

Indicate your sending email address, your sender name and the subject of the email.
Select your recipients from your wordpress customers list, spot-hit contacts or a manual list of email address.
Write your message or select from your already saved templates.
Select the send date and send your campaign.

Automatic campaigns

Select whether you want to send or receive an SMS or an EMAIL depending on the status of an order or a new registration.
Click the edit button to edit the message.
Customize your message with the available variables.


  • Automatically send SMS & Emails to users of your WooCommerce store
  • A clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Personalize your SMS & Email campaigns
  • The plugin syncs with your Spot-Hit account
  • Schedule your campaigns in advance!
  • Select your recipients from your Wordpress or Spot-Hit contacts
  • Automate the sending of SMS and Emails according to the status of your customers' orders
  • Personalize your SMS & Emails with variables!


How to install the plugin ?

  1. At the top, next to the title, click on “Download” and download the .zip
  2. In the left menu of admin interface, hover over the “Extensions” link and click on “Add New”
  3. At the top, click on “Upload Plugin”
  4. Choose the .zip file and click on “Install Now”
  5. In the left menu of admin interface, click on “Extensions”
  6. Activate the plugin


2019년 8월 27일
Plugin fonctionnel et très pratique pour nos usages ! A conseiller !
2019년 8월 27일
Le plugin est fonctionnel et efficace. Téléchargement et installation rapide et simple. A recommander +++
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  • ADDED:
    • Changelog in the readme.text
  • FIXED:
    • French translation for the date step in manual campaigns


  • ADDED:
    • Specials characters notification
    • Long SMS notification
  • FIXED:
    • Retrieval of user data in automatic campaigns
    • Adding variables to textarea in automatic campaigns
    • French translation
      *Default message in automatic campaigns