Staff List vCard


Create vCards as VCF files to share contact information.
Create QR Code PNG images to avoid the hassle of manually typing contact details.

Staff List vCard is a plugin extension. It won’t work in a standalone mode. Staff List or Staff List Pro have to be installed and activated.

Staff records are created and maintained by Staff List plugin. vCard extension is used for mapping staff data to vCard properties.

You can create static VCF or QR Code files. They can be used by any application.

vCards and QR Code Live Preview.

Dynamic vCard generator.

  • Create a file on the fly.
  • Use data of the staff list members.
  • Download and open with your default contact application.

Static vCard files.

  • Download and save as .vcf file.
  • Staff mebers data is used to populate vCard or QR Code.

Supported formats

  • vCard 3.0
  • vCard 4.0
  • vCard QR Code

**Available properties of vCard and QR Code **

  • ADR
  • FN (required)
  • N (required)
  • NOTE
  • ORG
  • ROLE
  • TEL
  • URL

Step by Step Instructions

Documentation – Step by Step Instructions VCard.
Documentation – Step by Step Instructions QR Code.

User Guide

Full documentation:


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.




2022년 7월 29일
I hate to give bad reviews, but this plugin is ridiculously over-engineered.... First, you have to install another plugin (Staff List) to get it to work, then it's another 30 minutes going through all the settings (...and that was with using the "Quick Start") and filling in your details etc. Then you have to install this plugin addon, and then it's another 30 minutes going through all of this plugins settings again and re-entering all of the same data you just entered into the first plugin (you are joking, right?) and THEN you have to create a QR code, again filling in all the (same) details one-by-one (and then save it, which btw then caused a fatal error on my site...) and THEN you have to create a new page and insert a shortcode for the vCard to work... utterly ridiculous. But wait, there's more...... End result after wasting over an hour? - Nothing is showing up on the new page I just created and added the shortcode to, because - and wait for it - it seems the page that you just created is essentially worthless! and you then have to go somewhere else in the plugin settings to get a link in order to get the vCard to display....... how ridiculous. Well, at this stage I just gave up, as there is no way I can give this to my clients for them to use. This plugin looks like it makes nice-looking vCards, but what is the use if they are this hard to create? (...and I'm a developer..... so God help my clients trying to use this...). And why have to re-enter all the same details over and over again? [redacted]
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= 0.3.1 20230608=
* Update: Removed outated code and comments.

0.3.0 20230404

  • Update: Minor modification of autoloader.php
  • Tested with WP 6.2.

0.2.9 20230127

  • Update: BaconQrCode to version 2.0.7

0.2.8 20220415

  • Update: Added vendor prefix to Autoloader class.

0.2.7 20220412

  • Update: Admin section, added links to new section of docs.

0.2.6 20220207

  • Update: BaconQrCode to version 2.0.5
  • Update: DASPRiD AbstractEnum PHP 8.0 warning fixed.

0.2.5 20211218

  • Update: Minor updates to QR Code library.

0.2.4 20211025

  • Update: Added a few help labels.

0.2.3 20210829

  • Update: Removed section code64 data from QR Code preview. Image tag base64 can be used for copy – paste.

0.2.2 20210816

  • New: Added base64 output. Content of the fields can be copied as full image tag or just the image src.
  • Update: Removed QR Code preview option. Not compatible with all browsers.

0.2.1 20210419

  • New: Added option to select static image as PHOTO. Global setting. Company logo or other image can be used instead of a person.

0.2.0 20210419

  • Update: Refactored ABCFVC_vCard_Data code.
  • Update: Added Staff Template static field handler to vCard properties.
  • Update: vCard preview. Replaced static PNG images with base64.

0.1.4 20210328

  • New: Added QR Code section.
  • New: BaconQrCode 2.0.0
  • New: endroid/qr-code 4.0.0
  • New: DASPRiD/Enum 1.0.3
  • Update: Version for testing

0.1.3 20210329

  • Fix: Removed testing function qr_test_run.

0.1.2 20210328

  • Fix: set_ADR. Section slTplateVCardFNo removed. Not used anymore.

0.1.1 2021

  • Fix: VCard Preview metabox container – added closing div.

0.1.0 20210130

  • Initial release.

0.0.9 20210122

  • Update: Replaced curl with wp_safe_remote_get.
  • Update: Added sanitize_text_field to POST calls.

0.0.8 20210122

  • Update: Changed input order of N property to match specs.
  • Update: File type to JPEG.
  • Update: Removed option to hide static fields.

0.0.1 20201120

  • Initial version.