Stock market charts from finviz


Shortcode [finviz ticker=GE] embeds stock market chart from financial visualizations
Charts are dynamically refreshed on each page load

[finviz ticker=GE] embeds chart of General Electric

Option to hyperlink chart to finviz site ticker page
Option to lazy load chart images
Option to specify chart image alt attribute text prefix
Option to specify chart image width [finviz ticker=GE width=500]
Option to specify chart type line or candle
Option to specify chart time period day, week or month
Option to add trailing averages to only daily period chart

Chart images include small branded logo of
Please review the privacy policy of

No API key or registration required.


  • Shortcode example
  • Plugin Settings
  • Custom CSS styling option with class names ‘finviz-anchor’ and ‘finviz-image’


Are the charts real time ?

Free charts for non-subscribers are delayed by 15 minutes for NASDAQ, and 20 minutes for NYSE and AMEX

Can i style the charts with my custom CSS ?

Yes, add to your theme custom styling with class names finviz-anchor and finviz-image


Are individual Crypto currency charts embeddable ?

No, alternatively link to the Crypto charts page url
or, link to selected Crypto currency page url


2016년 9월 3일
Wonderful plugin that is what I am looking for. I would appreciate if you could suggestion how to add DOW Industrial Index, SP500 and NASDAQ, I tried ^DJI, it dose’nt display anything. Thanks My
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  • First release


  • Minor code update, No new features


  • lazy load images, added chart optionts