Stop WP Emails Going to Spam


Emails generated from within WordPress often end up in your spam or junk folder, This plugin helps you sort that out. The default settings of this plugin can often be enough to solve your problem.

When using the default PHP mailer in WordPress, especially on shared servers, emails will often be set to spam or junk by receiving email systems. This can be very frustrating and important notifications can be missed by you or your clients.

Why does this happen? One problem is the “envelope sender” not being set, and many hosts will recommend that you install a plugin to set the “envelope sender”, this is the main purpose of this plugin.

Along with setting the “envelope sender” this plugin also displays your Sender Permitted From (SPF) and checks your server IP is in the SPF record, if there is one.

Optionally this plugin allows you to change the name and email address of the default WordPress notification email easily.

If you use an SMTP email plugin or use an API based transactional email plugin, this plugin will add no value; it is built to support the default PHP mailer only.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Either using the dashboard ‘Add Plugin’ feature to find, install and activate the plugin, or
1. Download and unzip the plugin
2. Upload the entire contents of stop-wp-emails-going-to-spam to the /wp-contents/plugins directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu

Once activated you can opt-in or skip providing usage information, and you will be taken to the settings page. The default settings are a good place to start, so save these and start testing your email delivery.


Can You Help Me Investigate Why Email Goes To Spam

No. Well not for free. I recommend one of the active Facebook groups on WordPress to get community support.


2020년 September 18일
this plugin very useful for websites that using shared hosting . thank you Fullworks 🙂
2020년 April 11일
This is an EXCELLENT plugin!!! It just plain WORKS PERFECT!!! I was having ALL kinds of issues sending emails from WP and having them end up in SPAM/JUNK folders. This plugin FIXED all that in an instant. I would STRONGLY recommend this plugin to ANYONE having issues with Email transmissions on their websites. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
2020년 February 25일
This plugin fixed my problem after hours searching online! Thank you so much!
2020년 January 31일
I've been struggling with user Welcome emails always going to our registrant's spam despite having SPF and DKIM set up properly, and this plugin solved the issue! Thank you so much!!
2019년 October 19일
It resolved my problem in first try. Thanks
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