AdPage Tagging is a simple to use solution for setting up Google Tag Manager Server Side.

Benefits of tagging:
* Increase cookie lifetime (also on Safari 16.4).
* First party tracking with custom domains.
* Get more control over your data sent to GTM

External depencies:
AdPage Tagging is using external depencies for providing the service. These files are all loaded through the domain you configure inside the plugin and Tagging dashboard.
The files are used to provide our service inside of WordPress.

We are using the following external depencies:
* /settings.js this file is used for detecting adblockers and for loading the GTM container.
* /adex.js this file is used for detecting adblockers and for loading the GTM container.
* /script.js this file is a proxy of the GTM web container script. This is used for loading the GTM container (Proxy to GTM).
* /order_created this is a endpoint for sending order data to the GTM container (webhooks)

All scripts arebove are loaded from the domain you configure. When entering a domain that is used inside trytagging.com your requests will be proxied through our servers to Google Tag Manager.
See below the terms of service for the external depencies.

Links to the services used:
AdPage Tagging: https://trytagging.com
Google Tag Manager: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/tag-manager/

Terms of service:
AdPage Tagging terms of service: https://www.adpage.io/general-terms-and-conditions-of-service
Google Tag Manager terms of service: https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/tag-manager/

for any questions regarding the loading of external depencies please contact us at support@adpage.io

This plugin is not affiliated with Google Tag Manager or Google.


  • Plugin options page in admin page


  1. Install the AdPage Tagging plugin in the wordpress store
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Why do you use external depencies

We are using external depencies for the following reasons:
* Detecting adblockers
* Loading the GTM container
* Sending order data to the GTM container

More infomration about the external depencies can be found in the description.

How do I configure the plugin

After installing the plugin you can configure the plugin by going to the settings page of the plugin.
You can find the settings page by going to the settings menu in the wordpress admin panel and then clicking on Tagging.
There you can configure the values as found in the Tagging dashboard.


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  • Add the permission_callback option


  • Add host to webhook payload


  • Fixed issue with custom marketing object


  • Fixed issue with add to cart


  • Added new datalayer
  • Added order notes for order_created webhook


  • Initial release