Ad Builder for AdRotate

Do you sell digital ads for your website? There's one surefire way to impress potential…

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Simple PW Ads

Provides easy ways to place Project Wonderful ads on your site.

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AdRotater Email Ad Reports

AdRotater Email Ad Reports allow you to send monthly ad reports to advertisers.

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Adcovery's plugin keeps your Adcovery Third Party Init code up to date!

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Valuecommerce Site Registration

Valuecommerce Site Registration can be displayed only by inputting necessary attestation tag to the management…

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Ad Block Defender

This simple ad block defender plugin detects if a user is using ad blocking software…

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AppAd Manager

Displays google adsense (or other ads) between posts in AppThemes Premium Themes.

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Rotating Ad Plugin

Born from a need to create rotating ads for my own advertisers. This plugin allows…

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Sorry AdBlocker

This plugin will detect users using AdBlock software Crystal and other AdBlock tools.

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Easy Chitika

Easy Chitika showcases Chitika ads on your blog, with full customization.

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Simple Text Ads

Add a simple text ad to your content.

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Auth LDAP / AD, Simple as HELL !

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Amazing Ads Manager

Randomly and Customizable display of advertisements on single post page or category archive page by…

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Ad Short

Shortcode for placing adsense ads within pages and posts.

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Shink monetization

This is the official Shink plugin for Wordpress. It allows you to configure and use…

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CODEC Sponsored Content

Premium monetizing system for quality blogs & publications (English-language websites only.) Generate revenue by displaying…

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No Adblock

This plugin will detect adblock users and blocking them from seeing your site content.

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SmartyAds easy-to-install plugin allows efficient monetization of your WordPress built website or blog.

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