Appointment SW is a perfect application for handling your daily appointments.

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TalkHours Widget

Adds online appointment booking to your Wordpress site … for FREE !

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Booking Weir

Display an interactive calendar that allows users to select a time for their booking.

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Book in 60

Intuitive to use, easy to edit, and optimized to generate results. Choose the design you…

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BookSlots – Simple Booking Form

A simple stand-alone booking form to schedule meetings, bookings, appointments and reservations.

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All in One Reservation

A powerful reservation and bookings plugin to book your restaurant/cafeteria table, seat bookings, and appointment…

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Next Tiny Date

Next Tiny Date allows you to propose an appointment booking form on your website through…

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SA Calendar

Create and manage schedules for site users, show availability calendars with appointments booking interface

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Hizzle Forms

A lightweight (multisite compatible) and GDPR-compliant contact form plugin. It is fast and does not…

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