Wavatars will generate and assign icons to the visitors leaving comments at your site. It…

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BP Private Avatars

BP Private Avatars allows users to hide the avatar to only friend connections for additional…

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Avatars Meta Box

Select your post author in style. Choose post authors by avatar instead of a select…

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SolidOpinion Comments

The SolidOpinion commenting platform replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered…

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Ravatars will generate and assign random icons to the visitors leaving comments at your site.…

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Better Avatars

Replace empty Gravatars with profile images from Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail

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Avatar Project

Receiving a comment on your blog post is great and the more comments the better…

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This plugin adds the Retaggr functionality to your blog.

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Tietuku Avatar for WordPress

Use Tietuku Avatar service to replace Gravatar. And replace Google fonts and scripts. 用贴图库头像服务替代Gravatar。并且替换Google字体和脚本。

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