Get Nicescroll and a ScrollTop button! I really like InuYaksa's Nicescroll JS plugin. I'm a…

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Back to Top Button

Over 171 free icons Scroll Back to Top Button and unlimited colors – custom button.

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M7 Go Top

Creates "top" link on your web so that visitors could simply get back to the…

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wp auto top


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CRUDLab Scroll to Top

CRUDLab Scroll to Top plugin allows you to easily scroll back to top of your…

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Easy Scroll To Top

Stable tag: 1.0 Easily scroll back to the top of your website pages. License: GPLv2…

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Scroll Top Fader

Add a nifty scroll to the top of the page feature with: ScrollTop Fader.

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Scroll to top button

Scroll to top button plugin is an simple and nice plugin with the standard settings.

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LZ Scroll Up

LZ Scroll Up is an awesome, Super lightweight plugin for your wordpress website

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Back To The Top Button

Simple plugin that allow you add back to top button and get to the top…

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AR Back To Top

AR Back To Top is a standard WordPress plugin for back to top.

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Adds a Button to Scroll back to Top of any Post or Page in WordPress.

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Easy Back to Top

A simple wordpress back to top scroll plugin. It's built by css3 and simple jquery…

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