simple calculator

This is a simple calculator plugin for calculations to be made in admin panel as…

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Custom Post Type Calculator

Create a multi-purpose category-based calculator and use it to calculate item amounts and values. Allow…

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FFC Football CO2 Calculator Plugin

FFC Football CO2 Calculator is a plugin for calculating CO2-emissions in terms of football related…

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InteractiveCalculator for WordPress

InteractiveCalculator is the simple way to add a powerful calculator to your Wordpress website. Use…

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Add a visual sliders to the product, and run a formule to calculate the price.…

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Calculator U.

Simple and convenient calculator on the site. Simply enter the [uwp_calc] shortcode in a post…

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Dynamic Calculator

Allows you to embed calculator in your posts and pages using shortcode.

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WoPo Calculator

Microsoft Calculator clone for website

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Attribute Calculator

Multiply price by definable product attribute

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Step-by-step Question Web39

Пошаговый опросник с возможностью вычисления стоимости услуги на каждом этапе. Стоимость указывается в диапазоне.

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Awesome GST Calculator Widget

The plugin displays the GST Calculator widget anywhere you want with the help of a…

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Du musst kein Millionär sein, um schon deutlich früher als mit 67 in Rente zu…

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Spreadsheet to web converter. Integration for calculators built using XLSJuice

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DCA Calculator

Simple DCA calculator to view the average cost of investments made over a period of…

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The plugin allows you to place a loan calculator on your page

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DBP Cloud WP Plugin

Powerful bulk editor. Print design with WordPress.

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Loan Calculator With Chart

Loan Calculator is a special application that has been deliberately created for all types of…

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Bowling Calculator

This plugin helps you to add bowling calculator in your website with shortcode.

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