CMS admin area

Useful and easy way to customize your WordPress admin area and the login page.

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TypeRocket UI

This plugin provides a powerful user interface for creating post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

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Zensor enforces a two-step publishing workflow in WordPress.

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Related Images

Add images in different positions. Excellent if you run a newspaper on the web and…

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Easy WP

Easy WP turns Wordpress into a super-simple cms. It lists all pages and can tap…

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BinaryM CMS Pack

A collection of functions, shortcodes and a widget that we find useful for our client…

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Lemonwhale Video

This plugin helps Wordpress pages to display Lemonwhale video content

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World Domination

🌎 Add WordPress market coverage summary to your dashboard.

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Pages On Top

Pages On Top puts the Pages administration menu on top, just below the Dashboard menu.

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Never Outdated

Never let your WordPress be outdated, receive an email whenever a new version of your…

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A suite of tools that improve WordPress' CMS capabilities.

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Section Posts Widget

A widget that displays a list of posts related to a particular section. Sections are…

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Get Menu Joomla

Get Joomla menu, you get a menu and displays it in joomla wordpress plugin is…

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User Upgrade Capability

Link multiple network sites/blogs together – Maintain only one site list of users.

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CPT Shortcode Generator

Admin UI for generating shortcode to show listing if custom post types for WordPress

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WordPress White Label

White label WordPress with a plugin instead of hacking the WordPress core.

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