MT Cookie Consent

This plugin add the javascript code for MT Cookie Consent

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Consent Management Platform

Integrate Consent Management Platform by ShareThis seamlessly into your WordPress site.

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Can I Use Cookies ?

Ask the user for his consent about cookies and tracking, and comply with the EU…

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Flexible Cookies

Discover a new era of cookie management on your online store website with the reliable…

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Simple plugin to load tracking scripts based on user consent.

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Dadi Cookie Consent Lite

Dadi Cookie Consent Lite simply helps website ammministrator to block cookies and potentially invasive content…

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Simple Privacy Helper

Simple Privacy Helper provides extra options to manage all your sites privacy settings.

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GDPR Consent Plugin

The best GDPR compliance available! Allows visitors to grant explicit consent for ANY feature of…

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CMP-Sourcepoint Plugin

Das Ziel der CMP Software ist es die Einwilligung von Nutzern einzuholen, um damit die…

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ConsentForAds (by UnveilMedia) is GDPR-compliant tool for WordPress publishers to opt-in/opt-out users for digital advertising… 10+ 활성 설치 4.9.25(와)과 시험됨 6년 전에 업데이트됨

WPSS Cookies

A simple way to add a cookie consent message in your WordPress

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Free CCPA Cookie

Free CCPA Cookie provides a simple, customizable website notice banner that can be used to…

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Cookie Jar

Displays a cookie consent on pages (as an image) and provides a link to Cookie…

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