First Contact Form

Manage multiple forms in a few clicks away, and way more flexible and User Friendly…

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Create custom forms and save submissions to the database with FormGimp. Supports shortcodes. Supports custom…

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Mtx Contact Form

Yet Another Contact Form.

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Orbisius Simple Feedback

Generates a nice & simple Feedback form which is positioned at the bottom center of…

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Integrate IdeaScale crowdsourcing into WordPress without having to directly edit any template code.

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Simple Contact Form

A non-bloated contact form – shortcode [my_contact_form]. Easier setup than Contact Form 7 and other…

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mamurjor simple contact form

Just copy and paste this shortcode [mamurjor_contact_admin_without_mail] [mamurjor_contact_admin_mail]

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WP Libre Formbuilder

Totally free WYSIWYG formbuilder for WP Libre Form. Works as a bridge between HTML impaired…

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Bin Contact

Create contact lists of your users or members and publish them on your website.

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CF7 Kraken

Integrate your Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp, Slack and more are comming…

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Mobile Contact Line

Simple plugin that allow you add mobile contact line to your wordpress site

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Session Save User

This plugin works in a very simple way allowing you to save the users that…

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Edublogify Contact form

ECF is a mobile responsive contact form solution, so your contact form will always look…

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Lite Contact Form

Lightweight and simple contact form which can be additionally protected against spam by using Akismet…

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