Just another Nepali calender plugin. Simple nepali calender.

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Wage Conversion Calculator

This calculator will assist you to rapidly change your net pay set in a single… 20+ 활성 설치 5.3.15(와)과 시험됨 3년 전에 업데이트됨

Exit Bee

Turn lost visitors into customers with the smartest exit intent tool. Increase conversions, sales and…

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Newsletter Converter

Ever need to send your home page as a newsletter? This baby takes your home…

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Master Currency WP

Convert currencies in form(s), list or single conversion(s) in a page/post. No programming skills required!…

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Hijri Calendar Widget

Wordpress plugin for historically accurate Hijri conversions.

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PriceWaiter for WooCommerce

This plugin integrates PriceWaiter's powerful price negotiation and conversion tools with your WooCommerce store.

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WooMetrix Cart Conversion Report

WooMetrix Cart Conversion Report generates a backend dashboard report that calculates and displays the most…

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Content recommendations solution is up and running within minutes and is proven to increase leads…

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Currency Code

Currency code lets you use live currency conversions either as a shortcode in your content…

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WPG2Mod converts WordPress Galleries (WPG) into Modula galleries. Optionally WPG shortcodes can be handled as…

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Migrates a phpBB forum into a bbPress forum.

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Revenue Generator

Monetize your blog and your content with the Revenue Generator. We offer a frictionless transaction…

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Another Unit Converter

Another Unit Converter is the easiest way to do currency conversions in your website, allowing…

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