Cookie Manager

Cookie Manager allows you to you elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and,…

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XcooBee GDPR Cookie Manager

Easy and transparent CCPA and GDPR (EU E-Directive) cookie life-cycle consent management for your site…

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Browser Check

Check browser version, JavaScript, Cookie, Adobe Flash Player version. Warn user if old.

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Cookie Tasting

Detect user login only with cookie. The best helper for cached WordPress sites.

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Easy Affiliate Products

After installing EAP you can edit options in Settings Page: * Operating Country – Choose…

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Adds an extra "referral" note to the bottom of comment forms, so you could see…

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FrankenCookie provides a widget for Cookie Law compliance, that offers visitors an explanation about cookies…

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TNG Accept Cookies

A simple plugin to get a cookie acceptance from the visitors on the website. A…

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XcooBee for WordPress

Connects your website to the XcooBee privacy network and enables secure password recovery and login.…

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Welcome! Mobile

Display a welcome message to users browsing your site on smartphones.

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WP Smart Cookie Allow

This plugin makes it easy to apply the new EU cookie law to your website.

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EZ Popup Manager

EZ Popup Manager allows you to easily display a simple message box on your WordPress…

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WPX GDPR Consent

A Light-Weight, Simple and Complete GDPR Consent Plugin for WordPress

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Fresh Cookie Bar

Cookie consent bar for GDPR compliant website.

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