Corona Virus Data

This plugin displays the Coronavirus case data through shortcodes [cov2019] [cov2019all] or [cov2019map] in your…

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Corona Bangladesh Live

Corona Bangladesh Live is a plugin where you can get all update of Bangladesh &…

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South African COVID19 Banner

Comply with new South African Covid-19 regulations requiring all websites ending in .ZA to show…

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SA Coronavirus Banner

Make it easy for South African WordPress sites to add the COVID-19 banner as required…

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Corona Update

Corona Update WordPress Plugin to show corona current cases and more information about COVID-19. You…

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COVID-19 Float Button

Creates a floating button with a link to a read more page.

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WP Covid-19 Data is a plugin which is displaying COVID-19's data such as confirmed, deaths…

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Corona Test Results

🦠 Management of Corona/COVID-19 test results with online check for the tested patients/citizens. Make the…

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Covid-19 Live Tracker

Corona Virus / Covid-19 Live Tracker plugin to get Live data for table and or…

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COVID-19 em Tempo Real

Este plugin é o plugin oficial da Vitaminas Prime Coronavírus Code Snippet, ele permite que…

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