South African COVID19 Banner

Comply with new South African Covid-19 regulations requiring all websites ending in .ZA to show…

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Coronavirus Info

This plugin displays the COVID-19 real-time data, top-headline news and finance impact, quantitative geographical mapping…

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Display COVID19 Data on your site.

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COVID19TRACKER displays real time covid19 data on your widget, using the API. IMPORTANT: This…

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FM | Covid 19

Add a Corona virus bar to your website, which links to required South African Covid…

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Covid 19 Statics

Covid 19 Statics Plugin is used to display Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak live Updates in…

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Zone Pandemic Covid19

This plugin provides shortcode and widgets that can displays the latest data of the covid19…

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Covid Hospitals BD

A simple and nice WordPress plugin for COVID Dedicated Hospital's Information for Bangladesh.

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