Datalist it

Create a table from a csv file to display on a website or blog using…

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Import Excel to Gravity Forms

Bulk Import of Records from Excel (CSV) files for "Gravity Forms" with Validation and Internal…

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Map Store Locator

A WordPress plugin to display customers and stores on a map.

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Simple CSV table

Convert CSV file to table.

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SMTP King Pro

Overrides the standard wp_mail function and used SwiftMail via an SMTP connection to send you…

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Upload csv files from a local directory or via a URL. Display the data in…

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CSV Format

Read CSV data from local files, WordPres media files, local or remote databases or 3rd…

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Search Excel CSV

Inserts a search field bar in WordPress posts, pages and widgets. Your website visitors can…

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Stripe CSV Exports

Create CSV custom exports for accountancy needs (including VAT)

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Export All Posts/Page URLs

This plugin allow you to export post urls and export page urls and count pages…

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JMB Post Feeds

Create post feeds in CSV, XML, RSS, Google RSS, Text & Custom formats.

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Sample Data Export

Admin can download the user\'s details using this Sample Data Export plugin.

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Table Builder for CSV

The Table Builder for CSV is a simple plugin that creates HTML table from csv…

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Easy Export

The purpose of Easy Export plugin is to export the data from the database into…

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