i-Divi Advanced Audio

This simple plugin is based on Divi Theme and/or on Divi Builder plugin. It just…

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WP Pay Per View Divi

WP Pay Per View is a powerful wordpress plugin that gives WordPress website administrators the…

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Fixed Jumping Header Divi Issue

Fix jumping header divi plugin has provide a permanent solution for Divi theme jumping header…

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Escape to Edit for Divi

Allows users to press the escape button on their keyboard to quickly access the Divi…

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Marketing with Divi

Growing collection of marketing widgets for the Divi 3.1 visual builder!

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Aeropage Sync for Airtable

Syncronizes your Airtable data with WordPress creating custom post types for records and metadata for…

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Divi Masonry Gallery

Create a stunning masonry gallery display using multiple animation effects.

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Food Recipes

Create recipe blog in Divi. Add recipe data in admin area. Create recipe layout in…

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