WooCommerce Event Manager

WooCommerce Event Manager is a Event Plugin for WordPress which is based on WooCommerce.

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Events Manager – OpenStreetMaps

OpenStreetMaps for Events Manager. An add-on to replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap. 0% Google, 100%…

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EventPrime – Events Calendar

Beginner-friendly Events Calendar plugin to create free as well as paid Events. Includes Event Types,…

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Events Manager – Email Users

Free add-on for Events Manager. Send fully customizable HTML emails to all bookings of a…

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Events Calendar Registration

Our advanced Events Manager plugin allows you to easily create and manage all your online…

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myCred for Events Manager Pro

This free plugin connects myCred with Events Manager Pro. While myCred has built-in support for…

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FAT Event Lite

FAT Event Lite is WordPress Event and Calendar plugin what developed for create and manage…

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Create and manage events, display them in an easy user-friendly event calendar.

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The best and most rich in feature plugin for managing events on your WordPress website.

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Events Manager – Ongoing Events

Easy to use add-on for Events Manager for organizing multiday events with just one booking…

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Events Manager – MultiSite Email

This add-on has been integrated into Events Manager Email Users as of 21-03-2019. Please install…

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