Dev Share Buttons

Social sharing buttons plugin built with performance, accessibility & privacy in mind. Use it to…

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RaCar Message Me

RaCar Message Me allows you to add a customizable button with the social networks you…

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Social Media Everywhere

This amazing plugin fulfills all the necessary social media requirements for a WordPress website which…

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Get the right ID for your products when syncing them from WooCommerce to Meta (Facebook…

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Easy Embed Page Widget

This is widget of showing Facebook page embedded in your website.short code [embed_facebook]

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Events Tracker

This plugin adds useful setting for you to setup Facebook Pixel.

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Ss share

Super simple social share buttons plugin. Most popular social media platforms: facebook, twitter, reddit, linkedin,…

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Social Share for Devs

A simple, lightweight plugin to add social share buttons to your website.

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Sophia Twitter Auto Post

This plugin provides an easy way to send to twitter every new post you make…

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Just install fShare to enable Social Sharing on your Wordpress site.

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Editor Box

Video demo at YouTube

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Customize Share API

In the back-end, you as a website owner can type any URL that you want…

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Dash Widget

NEW: Embed your Facebook Feed! A lightweight WordPress plugin to showcase all your social media…

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Introducing SharePreview, the essential WordPress plugin that simplifies social media optimization for your content. With…

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