WPML to MultilingualPress

Convert posts from an existing WPML multilingual site via WXR Export/Import for MultilingualPress

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WeCPi CE allows you to import products from CSV.

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Import WordPress 1.x

Import WordPress 1.x The importers of WordPress 2.x includes two ways to import another WordPress…

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WPG2Mod converts WordPress Galleries (WPG) into Modula galleries. Optionally WPG shortcodes can be handled as…

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Nouw CSS

This plugin allows imported blogs from nouw.com to be shown correctly on wordpress-blogs. The plugin…

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LEGINDA WP Translate

The LEGINDA WP Translate Plugin is a cost-free tool for translations of website content in…

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Pressmodo Themes Onboarding

Import Pressmodo official themes demo content, widgets and theme settings with just one click.

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OpenInviter for WordPress

Allow your visitors to invite their contacts from Yahoo!, GMail, AOL, Hotmail and other providers…

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AV csv 2 posts

Importar archivos CSV y convertirlos en Posts. Seleccionar campos, autor, post_type, imagen destacada, campos personalizados,…

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LJ comments import: reloaded

Automatically synchronizes comments from Your LiveJournal blog with Your stand-alone Wordpress-based blog.

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Export wpSEO

Adds wpSEO to the "SEO data transporter" to easily export SEO data to other SEO…

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Import friends and Post to Hyves: a social networking website.

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GData Importer

A plugin imports Google Spreadsheet Data into the Wordpress Page/Post using shortcode.

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Vintillect Importer

Creates blog posts from Facebook and Twitter (X) posts. Fast import of text, images, and…

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Customizer EX

Simple Export and Import Customizer settings

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Backup Copilot

Quickly and easily create backup points of your WordPress installation to restore, export, or transfer…

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