WP Careerjet Shortcode

Add customized affiliate job listings from Careerjet and get paid for clicks.

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WpGenius Job Listing

Wpgenius Job Listing it’s a wordpress plugin, which allows you to add hundreds of job…

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BNE – Vagas

Plugin with the aim of publishing a listing of job vacancies.

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WP Job Portal by Jane

The easiest way to manage your organization's job openings, and allow candidates to submit their…

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Mmm ADP Job Sync

Allows you to read public ADP job listings from workforcenow.adp.com and sync them as posts…

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Indeed Jobs Shortcode

This plugin allows users to add shortcode for indeed job API.

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Service Tracker

A simple plugin and mobile application designed for business or organisations to add service requests,…

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Blocks for WP Job Manager

Blocks for WP Job Manager are the easiest, most flexible way to display your job…

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Publiez vos offres d'emploi sur votre site web et permettez à vos candidats d'envoyer leur…

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CareerSitesPro’s plugin provides a simple way to visualize your open positions on your website.

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Jobs Finder

Plugin "Jobs Finder" gives visitors the opportunity to more than 1 million offer of employment.…

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Chameleoni Jobs

This plugin adds Chameleoni Jobs feed to your Wordpress site. Activate the plugin and configure…

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WP-SimplyHired API

A Plugin that provides tools to utilize the SimplyHired web services API for Job-a-matic style…

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Civic Job Posting

Civic Job Posting offers a mechanism to easily handle the medatadata of your job postings…

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Ngcareers job board bring you latest jobs in Nigeria. This plugin allows you to display…

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