HireOwl Widget

The HireOwl WordPress widget lets you show open position on your WordPress website to get…

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WP HiringThing

Embeds job listings from the HiringThing online recruiting service into your website.

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Oferty pracy z Praca.pl

Oferty pracy z Praca.pl to idealny sposób na wzbogacenie Twojej strony internetowej aktualnymi ofertami pracy…

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Pablo Career

Manage your job offers easy within WordPress

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CVShout Resume

Add a resume to your Wordpress site. Use the Admin screens to input your resume…

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Level Playing Field

A WordPress plugin that anonymizes job applications to fight bias in employment and promote true…

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Qkly Job Listing

This plugin shows the jobs listing as seen in https://qkly.io/jobboard and user can apply to…

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Vacancy Lab

Add Vacancy Search and Candidate submissions that are powered by Vacancy Lab onto your Wordpress…

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Company vacancies

The plugin is designed to display a list of vacancies on the site.

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Kikushima jobs

Show recruit information on cooperation site.

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Tagelin Rota

Allocate people to roles at scheduled events. Who does what – where and when?

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