Quiz Leads

Motive This plugin is used to generate leads by taking user through very easy questions.

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Apimo connector

Are you a real estate agent or broker looking for a way to streamline your…

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W3SC Elementor to Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Integration with Elementor. Add Leads, Contacts from Elementor form entry.

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WordPress SugarCRM

An easy and advanced SugarCRM webform generator for Wordpress to capture leads. WP Sugar is…

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GB Forms DB

One lead collector to rule them all! The best place to save all your leads…

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Leads and Visitor Insights

Monitor Visits to your site and Identify Leads, Customers and Competitors

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ClinicSoftware.com CRM

Connect your site contact forms to your ClinicSoftware.com CRM.

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lm CF7 lead manager Addon

The plugin extends the popular plugin Contact Form 7, adding the ability to connect your…

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ScuolaSemplice Contacts

Plugin that allows you to publish contact forms to acquire leads and student data that…

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Slide to Subscribe

Allow people to subscribe to your newsletter with just a slide. Works with any newsletter…

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WP Contacts Slim

Take complete control of your own leads and contacts right in your WordPress installation, powerful…

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Adds artificial Intelligence to your website to increase your sales / leads / meetings books.

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Miraget B2B Leads generation

MiragetLeads is a powerful free open-source plugin for B2B websites which performs data capture on…

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