Media Menu Order

Add a Menu Order field to Media Library.

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Raptor Editor

Edit your content in style with Raptor Editor, this generation's WYSIWYG editor.

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QBank Connector

Gain access to all your files in QBank that you can publish directly from Wordpress…

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Content Slideshow

This plugin creates a fullscreen slideshow that displays randomly-selected pictures from your media library. Designed…

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WP Image Recognizer

WP Image Recognizer performs image recognition when uploading images.

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Media Search Plus

Search through all fields in Media Library to actually find something.

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OverWrite It

When you upload files, OverWrite It jumps into the scene to replace old file with…

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Disable Unsplash CDN

Disables images getting served from the Unsplash CDN on the frontend.

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EXIF Columns

This plugin adds columns to the WordPress built in Media Library for EXIF metadata.

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Extend the REST-API to work with Wordpress Media-Library. Organize images in Folders. Add and Update…

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Media Toolkit

Media Toolkit is a powerful utility plugin for WordPress that provides users with the tools…

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Easy Blogroll Image

Easily add media library images to your blogroll items (links).

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Tags for Media Library

Features for using taxonomy tags with Media Library. Also converts NextGEN Gallery images to WordPress…

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Social Media Downloader

Download images from public social media accounts to your WordPress image library. A great way…

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th23 Media Library Extension

Adds advanced filter options to the Media Library, attachment links to edit posts/ pages overview.

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