Get the right ID for your products when syncing them from WooCommerce to Meta (Facebook…

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Tidy Head Tag

This plugin allows you to organize the contents of the head tag that WordPress automatically…

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Omnitags simplifies the insertion of scripts and meta data in the source code, such as…

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Social Post Embed

🧵 Add Threads embedding to a WordPress post.

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Simple Open Graphs

Adds Facebook Open Graph tags to your site to display Rich Snippet when sharing the…

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LH SEO Meta Tags

Basic SEO meta tags, decisions not options

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ADR Promotion Recommendations

This plugin displays relevant promotion recommendations below post content and allows you add them in…

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SEO Made Easy

A set and forget solution for WordPress SEO.

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Easy SEO Toolbox

Are you looking for an easy way to analyze your wordpress site in order to…

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TDH Export

To Export TDH (Title-tag, meta Description, H-tag) from each pages and posts.

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