At WP Smart Contracts, we've revolutionized the world of WordPress by bringing the power of…

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The Opensea WordPress plugin allows you to embed any single NFT quickly and easily anywhere…

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NFT Maker

**NFTs minted via this plugin belong to the "Tatum General NFT" Collection, currently not visible…

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NFT Gallery

The simplest way to add NFTs from OpenSea to WordPress site. Powered by OpenSea API.

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Web3 Access

Web3 Access is a Web3 wallet plugin for WordPress that allows you to accept cryptocurrency…

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Ethereum Wallet

The user friendly NFT and ERC20 tokens Ethereum Wallet for your WordPress site and WooCommerce…

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NFT Galleries

Easily display NFT galleries on your website in less than 7 clicks. Powered by OpenSea,…

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MintNFT Plugin

The “MintNFT Plugin” is a useful tool for those who want to mint their own…

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KoalaMint Plugin

The No-Code Solution to Launch a Generative NFT Collection On your Website.

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Web3 Smart Contracts

Create powerful Smart Contracts for Web3 on your Blockchain network

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