WP Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel integration for WordPress

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OWL Carousel Slider

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider, Just install and…

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Image Carousel Shortcode

Image Carousel Shortcode is a lightweight Image Carousel plugin for WordPress. It lets you create…

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Easy Owl Carousel

This plugin helps to add carousel items in your wordpress website. It is very easy…

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Slider Carousel WordPress Plugin

Just another filterable gallery slider and carousel plugin. Simple but flexible and extendible.

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Moortak Lof Slider News

This plugin will help you to create a lof-slider view from a custom category through…

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Simple Owl Shortcodes

A simple shortcode generator for Owl Carousel. Add carousel Wrapper, carousel Items and options to…

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Awesome WordPress Slider

Awesome WordPress Slider is the most powerful and intuitive WordPress plugin to create sliders which…

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Mage Carousel

Mage Carousel is an awesome Carousel based on OWL Carousel for WordPress with Awesome Effects.…

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