Fifth Insight

FifthInsight is a tool that empowers you to make decisions that increase the performance and…

Catalyst Brains 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.4.4(와)과 시험됨 5 months 전에 업데이트됨

Block editor assets filter

Disable custom blocks not used in block editor editing (Admin Dashboard) to speed up JavaScript…

enomoto@celtislab 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.5.3(와)과 시험됨 2 months 전에 업데이트됨

Progressive Images

Load post thumbnail after page has loaded.

Jacob Arriola 10보다 적음 활성 설치 4.7.19(와)과 시험됨 4 years 전에 업데이트됨

Grumft AMP Plugin

Grumft AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Plugin for WP, AMP will provide a great experience for…

Grumft 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.5.3(와)과 시험됨 6 days 전에 업데이트됨

WP Deactivate Features

WP Performance lets you deactivate unneeded functions to improve your websites performance. Features that can…

Sascha Huber 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.5.3(와)과 시험됨 1 month 전에 업데이트됨

Conditionally Load CF7

In its default settings, Contact Form 7 loads its JavaScript and CSS stylesheet on every…

Chris J. Zähller / Messenger Web Design 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.5.3(와)과 시험됨 4 weeks 전에 업데이트됨

Amigo Performance

Amigo Performance is used to Optimize Website Performance and improve Site Score in services like…

We Too IT 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.6(와)과 시험됨 1 week 전에 업데이트됨

Wonder Cache

A simple yet powerful caching plugin. It powers and abilities include: superhuman strength and durability.

Mustafa Uysal 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.2.9(와)과 시험됨 1 year 전에 업데이트됨

Pubperf Analytics

Website speed measurement and insight, performance optimization recommendation. Prebid.js and Header bidding analytics. Continuous user…

Transfon 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.4.4(와)과 시험됨 4 months 전에 업데이트됨

Fast Translate

Faster WordPress localization with cache support.

Björn Ahrens, Aucor Oy 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.3.6(와)과 시험됨 12 months 전에 업데이트됨

Remove Emoji Styles & Scripts

Improve your website's performance and speed by removing emoji scripts and styles if you don't…

InThisCode 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.4.4(와)과 시험됨 5 months 전에 업데이트됨

Essential Performance

Essential Performance plugin aims to improve website loading performance.

Vova Zubko 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.3.6(와)과 시험됨 8 months 전에 업데이트됨

WP Utility and Performance

This plugin allows you to enable / disable the unused resources included by WordPress and…

Mayank Majeji, ThemeMantis 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.3.6(와)과 시험됨 3 months 전에 업데이트됨

Vivio Swift

The Vivio Swift WordPress Accelerator (beta) improves your sites speed and load times by providing…

Vivio Technologies 10보다 적음 활성 설치 5.4.4(와)과 시험됨 8 months 전에 업데이트됨